Civil, industrial, infrastructural works and plant design by "turn-key" solution.

Civil, industrial, infrastructural works and plant design by "turn-key" solution.

General contractor

Impresa Tonon, Maeg, Oberosler, Tonoimpianti

Four leading Companies that merge in a sole entity, able to fulfill the international clientele multifarious requirements . This is the brand new formula proposed by T.O.MA. Group that as an experienced contractor of civil, industrial and infrastructural works and plants design, owns the proficient skills to grant the necessary technical support, from the design to the installation.

A modus operandi arising from the professional and qualified teamwork of each of its subsidiary companies and founders.
T.O.MA. Group is made up of the following companies all located in the Northen East of Italy: Impresa Tonon, Tonoimpianti, Oberosler e Maeg.

The big 4 of the Group

Italian companies leader in their specific branch, able to grant “full solving- problem” solutions to their potential interlocutors.


With an experience of over 40 years of activity, the Company from Trentino, Oberosler, mainly deals with road engineering . Thanks to the great competence acquired it has made a name in the flyover renewal and an important experience in the construction of tunnels and big underground works.

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The company located in Treviso - Italy, is experienced in the steel construction industry . Thanks to over twenty years of activity, it has reached very high sectorial levels, becoming a leading company for the care given to the design, supply and installation of middle-heavy steel structures.

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Impresa Tonon

The Company has been working for almost 60 years in the construction industry. Further the performance of several and important public and private works, the administrative, engineering and professional management has been refined thanks also to the cooperation with outer consultancy agencies. Tonon is operative both in Italy and abroad, addressing to civil and industrial building markets, to great trade centers area, health field being engaged in the conservative and environmental restoration.

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Tonoimpianti has been established in Padua in the Sixties dealing today with civil, industrial works, hotel and hospital sector but also power systems and alternative energies. Further to many considerable investments Tonoimpianti has acquired and improved the know-how in the automation industry and in the management of new technologies, promoting the energy saving for a proper social and economic development.

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The high qualification in the several fields of these four associated companies, allows T.O.MA. to perform disparate projects in a complementary way.
All the projects

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Venezia - Italy

Gruppo Homes

Pieve di Soligo (TV) - Italy

Eolic Plant

Valledolmo (PA) - Italy

Santa Cristina

Val Gardena - Trentino Alto Adige